Chocolate Caramel Bars

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Chocolate Caramel Bars (134)

Yields: 24 Bars

Categories: Caramel, Chocolate, Christmas, Cookies


14 oz. Caramels
2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk
1 Box D. H. Swiss Cake Mix
¾ Cup Melted Butter
1 Cup Chocolate Chips
1 Cup Nuts

1. Melt caramels in 1/3 cup of evaporated milk. Keep warm.

2. Mix cake mix, butter and 1/3 cup evaporated milk until smooth.

3. Spread ½ mixture in a greased 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 6 minutes. Let cool for 2 minutes.

4. Spread the caramel over the baked crust. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.

5. Mix ½ of the nuts with the remaining cake mixture. Drop by spoonful all over the crust. Scatter the remaining nuts over the top of the batter.

6. Bake an additional 18 to 23 minutes at 350 degrees. Cool before cutting.